Encouraging Youth Potential

supporting the FUTURE SUPERSTARS

We would not be able to support 25 scholars in college & technical schools across the country, 100 orphans in Burma and our tea farmer cooperative without your support.


Undisclosed - Golden State Warriors

Undisclosed - Aya Healthcare

$15,000 - Burma Superstar + Burma Love restaurant

Undisclosed - Covo


$5,000- Midway Trading Corp

$5,000 - Tamalpais Construction Company

$5,000 - Sysco

$5000 - Tim Motto and Seven


$2,000 - UberEats

$2,000 - Donald Gruenberg and family 

$2,000 - Pauline Lee & Kiet Lam 

$1,500 - Eric Rochin and family

$1,000 - Ben Bridge


All our donors, at every level, are our friends without whom this would not be possible These include:

Joel Gibbs & Sarah Reyes

Cavin Pham

Chiew Kim Hui-Bon-Hoa

Hnin Yi 

Jay Sherlock

Jonathan Davis

Lesley Lee

Nancy Tsien

Phoenix Gunner

 We want to thank every supporter for their generosity!

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